Sunday, October 13, 2013

The End of Summer 2013

Here is the official Calder Summer Playlist 2013 that Archer and I created. Since the kids are out of school and always with me in the car, it's family friendly. Archer also gets credit for the cover art below:

Uncle Devin came to visit and it may have been the best week of Archer's life. They were able to program Archer's Raspberry Pi. (We are already well aware of Archer's hair style and it's just the way he likes it)...

I'm so proud of my brother Devin. He is back in India for another year working for NextDrop, a start-up that helps aid municipal infrastructure and residents gain access to clean water. You can read more in the Huffington Post and at Tech Cocktail. He turned 20 last month and somehow he's 11 years younger but 8 inches taller than me...

Chad celebrated a birthday and we gave him a mini Strandbeest model for him to put together. The Dutch creator is named Theo Jansen and he builds these 20 foot "beasts" out of PVC. They are wind powered and have an amazing ability to walk using a unique algorithm Jansen came up with. Here is a video Chad shot.

Next Update: Back To School