Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer 2013 Thus Far

I guess the biggest news this summer is that we have lived in Houston for 5 years now! When we left California Archer was 4 and Della was 18 mos. Now they are 9 and 6! It was SO hard to leave our family and friends in California, but we've never regretted moving to Houston.

Chad's mom Marti was able to come and visit us for a few days and it was so nice to have her here. She helped me make my first ever black berry pie with blackberries that we grew. I may have eaten half the pie by myself.
Marti watched the kids while Chad and I went to see Twin Shadow play. We even stayed out past midnight! It felt like we were young again, except for our feet hurt after standing for 3 hours and we got tired around 10 PM. Even so, we had a great time.

Uncle Andrew came to visit this summer as well. Side note: I can't believe anyone comes to Texas during the summer. I guess we are lucky to have people who really love us. Anyway, we took Uncle Andrew to Galveston where we went through a pirate museum, ate ice cream, and then Little Sis said it was time to go home.

Archer really wanted me to take this picture...

Here he is eating pistachio ice cream. Don't you love his hair? It's his own custom style.

Della lost her first front tooth. She's clearly thrilled about it...

Chad had a hankering for "island food" and made a special trip to some crazy market. He ate corned beef from a can (450mg salt/serving), manioc, and taro.

Archer prefers to spend 18 hours of his day at the computer. We don't necessarily see eye-to-eye on this with him. His only exercise is at Jiu Jitsu and so I leave you with this video of him sparring.