Sunday, April 01, 2012

Still Here

 I know I have been lacking in the blogging department. Life with Archer and Della (especially Della) has been busy. I think I was a little overwhelmed and I had a slight case of technology withdraw. But I think I might be ready to have a social life again. As for now, enjoy a few pics...

Here we are at Archer's baptism. I can't believe my "baby" is eight! I will post more details later.

Here is Archer all dressed up for his hoedown. Only in Texas do they have square dancing as part of the P.E. curriculum!

Here is little sis at the exact moment that she used her device to tell me that she wanted a Barbie mermaid skirt. How could I say no to that?!?!


Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I'm glad you're still here. :)

Bartlett Pair said...

Yeyy! welcome back :-)