Monday, April 02, 2012

Fall 2011

The fall was pretty uneventful for us. Maybe "uneventful" isn't the right word. Our fall was jam packed with activities like school, therapy, gardening, gymnastics, etc. but nothing very blog worthy.
Here are the kids on the first day of school and as you can see, they were both excited to go back. Archer started the second grade and Della remained in the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) class sans the headphones.

It was a lovely day to go back to school! This picture was not edited in any way.
But the appearance of a beautiful sky can sometimes be deceiving here in the Lone Star State. It was 112 degrees outside on the first day of school. Texas had the hottest summer on record in the history of the United States SINCE TEMPERATURES STARTED BEING RECORDED IN 1895!!! We had temps. over 100 degrees 45 days in a row! I'm not going to lie, last summer was awful. 
The drought caused what felt like the whole state to be on fire.
Somehow these less than ideal (read:hellish) conditions did not deter our tomato plants from producing 85 lbs. of fruit until the first frost in November. Don't ask me how this happened, it remains a mystery.

Thankfully, the drought and fires came to an end in the fall.

Autumn in Houston is lovely, and once things cooled off, we enjoyed as much time outside as we could...

The fall here is race season and Chad was able to participate in his first 5k! Of course we were there to cheer him on...

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Belle of the Blues said...

So glad to see your pretty face! Sorry about the heat. I hate the heat. We love you! Love all the photos.