Friday, April 06, 2012

Della Belle Turns 5

Della's 5th birthday was this past January. Della doesn't blow out candles, make wishes, or eat cake. She doesn't even understand that a birthday celebration is for her. I was determined to at least doing something for her that she knew was special. So we took Della to her favorite place, the Cockrell Butterfly Center. I love that she loves going there. The exhibit seems to bring out a reverence in people as they watch the beautiful butterflies float freely around them. When I see Della with the same expression of wonder on her face, it helps me to remember that she isn't so very different from everyone else. It's strange to think that she is only 5 years-old. So much has happened in her short life and it often feels like she's been in our family for at least twice that amount of time. I could't help but think that when she does turn 10, or even 20, we could be spending many of Della's birthdays here. That's alright with me. It's not everyday that we get to see our children experience joy, especially as they get older and more self-conscious. But that's where Chad and I are lucky, Della will never be self-conscious. She will always laugh because she is happy and her delight won't be stifled by her disabilities or fear of what others might think of her. And this is just one of the countless reasons we are blessed to have her forever.


Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Happy birthday, sweet Della.

Ruth said...

What a beautiful post for a beautiful girl. happy birthday della!! Much love from us!

Anonymous said...

I love that she loves it there! When I lived in Galveston, we went to Moody Gardens a lot. They have a similar exhibit. It is such a beautiful, peaceful place. :). - Lauren