Friday, April 06, 2012

Archer's Baptism Day

Turning 8 years-old is a huge milestone for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is the age of accountability and it is the minimum age for a child to be baptized.  Here is an explanation from
"One of the purposes of baptism is to symbolically wash away our sins, but even Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect life, was baptized. Jesus was baptized because it is a commandment and he wanted to provide a perfect example of obedience to Heavenly Father’s divine guidance.
The ordinances of baptism and confirmation are a way for us to show that we are willing to take the name of Jesus Christ upon us, which means to become Christians and do our best to always live accordingly. First, we are baptized by being lowered under water and raised back up by a person who has authority from God to do so. This action symbolizes Jesus Christ's death, burial, and resurrection, and it also represents the end of our old lives and beginning a new life as His disciples. After we are baptized, a person with authority puts his hands on our heads, gives us the right to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirms us members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

So being that it is a big day for my son, of course I was a bit of a teary mess. Archer came up out of the water laughing and since a gospel ordinance is a rather reverent occasion, people were a little surprised and chuckled as well. Later on we asked him why he was laughing and Archer said "Because I just felt so good! I knew I was doing what Heavenly Father wanted me to and it made me happy!" Couldn't have said it better myself!
With Nana Bee

This is the only picture I had of Uncle Matt.

Archer and Heather

Sam, our very close family friend, babysitter extraordinaire, and Archer's first crush. We will miss her sooooooo much when she leaves for college this summer!


Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Congratulations, Archer!

I love that your mom is "Nana Bee."

Kellyanne said...

Happy Baptism!