Wednesday, March 02, 2011

February In Pictures

Top Row: Chicken or Waffle's feet (they keep taking dust baths and scratching around my artichoke plants and exposing their roots. Stinkers!), peach blossom, shells from all the eggs we've been eating.
Bottom Row: Chocolate dipped strawberries that Archer made (with some help), tomato transplants under a grow light, Sprinkles cupcakes (I waited 2 long years for them to open up in Houston! Bonus: It's only 5 miles from Texas Children's Hospital!), "White By The Gate" camellia (they only bloom for 3-4 weeks once a year but they are so worth the wait)


Anonymous said...

Those stinkers!

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures! I am so happy you have a Sprinkles Cupcakes. You will have something to help you smile if and when you are spending time at the Hospital.