Thursday, February 24, 2011

"how to Chase FeMals" by Archer Calder

 If you have a prallblum with grlis heres a sulooshin.

Muterels: Femals

First you find some femals.

Then you run!

And see hoo wun!


Anonymous said...

Well you know Chad did get the Best Gurl Chaser award in elementary school.

Anne said...

I'm pretty sure all of those "people" are robots. Archer may be on to something.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

If only it were that simple, Archer.

Diana said...

Archer's imagination is a thing of genius. Love it.

heather said...

wow. i love this. i especially love how he calls girls "females" and not "girls." i can't wait until my kids start coming up with stuff like this!

Shelley Stuff said...

Not sure about "muterels" Materials?
But I love "sulooshin" Very inventive spelling!! Good job, Archer!!! Keep writing great stories and you'll be famous some day.