Friday, September 03, 2010

Golden Walker

Last spring Della was measured for a new walker. This is her second walker as the first had a few limitations. For one, the wheels didn't swivel. I think the idea was, that Della was supposed to lift slightly on the walker and redirect is path when she wanted to turn. But she is either too weak or never quite caught onto this concept. Which was hard because as exciting as it was for her to use the walker, it was also sort of pointless unless one of us followed along side making corrections for her. Really, she could only go straight until she ran into something. Which at that time, she would just start ramming the walker into whatever the obstacle was until someone came and turned her around.
So now with a swivel, Della has free reign to go where ever she wants. Which, has presented a whole new set of problems for us. Here she is getting in the trash can.

As with her last walker, Caitlin made a name plate.


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Love it!

Beth said...

Awesome!!! She is getting around so good!

I am always happy when I see that you have a new post for me to read : )