Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Am Pretty Sure No One Else In Kindergarten Has One Of These

We were at a fundraiser dinner for the kids' school and Archer ran off to the playground. We saw him 10 minutes later being crying and being carried by some poor sap who happened to be a bystander to my son's accident. When asked what happened, Archer explained that a kid had dared him to do a trick on the monkey bars and he "messed up", fell, and hurt his foot. He was crying pretty hard, but we have a rather dramatic son so we weren't sure if he was seriously hurt. We became convinced around 10 PM when his constant complaints were frequently interrupted by crying. I took him to the ER. All sorts of terrible thoughts entered my head as I imagined a summer with Archer's leg in a plaster cast. Archer asked me questions like "Can I swim with a cast on? What about Slip-N-Slide? How about water guns?" You get the idea. Thankfully, the x-ray showed that no broken bones but he did have some bad bruising which was apparent just by looking at his swollen foot. We were sent home at 1AM with orders to "take it easy" and this awesome boot. Archer put it on and exclaimed "Mom! I am pretty sure no one else in Kindergarten has one of these!"

I spent the next day at home with him. Archer insisted that I needed to carry him everywhere. If I refused he would drag his back half around as he crawled on the floor crying. Nice.

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