Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Archer Minus One Tooth

Yesterday Archer came in whimpering about his mouth bleeding. He was trying to open a candy cane wrapper with his teeth and discovered one was loose. I told him that he could try and pull it himself, or let it dangle there (which freaked him out). He asked me if I wanted to pull it. I said no thanks. Two minutes later he had his tiny tooth in the palm of his hand.

I went to take his picture and I noticed his severe bed head (we are still on Christmas break) and pudding-smeared face. My first instinct was to make him wash his face and comb his hair, but since he looks like this most of the time, I decided to stay true to life...

I wish I had washed his face, it looks super gross.

Archer decided to set a trap to catch the tooth fairy because he was "pretty sure" it was either Chad or me doing the tooth/dollar swap in the middle of the night. After working with some left over Christmas bells, string, and a stack of pillows he switched to a reconnaissance mission. Here was the plan...

"OK, Mom. My idea is I am going to make a wall with my babies (stuffed animals) and then I am going to pretend like I am asleep. Then I am going to peek through a little hole in my baby wall and then I will see her in my room!"

Apparently his plan didn't work because he came crying into our room early this morning accusing the tooth fairy of theft since she took his tooth but left no monetary compensation behind. Don't worry, he found the dollar hidden in the sheets of his bed.

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