Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We Don't Pray To Santa Buddy...

A few weeks ago Archer was questioning the reality of Santa and magic. He asked Chad how Santa could possibly visit every house in the "whole wide world" in just one night. Chad answered that Santa was magic. Archer argued that we had told him that magic wasn't real, like the time we saw a magician make an elephant disappear on TV. Chad explained that magic tricks were just an illusion. When Archer asked again how Santa traveled so fast, it was clear that Archer felt that he was back at square one. Then he did something that surprised us, he closed his eyes, folded his arms and, bowed his head. Here is the conversation that ensued...

Chad: What are you doing buddy?
Archer: (Not lifting his head) I am praying to Santa.
Chad: Why?
Archer: I am asking how he goes around the world so fast.
Chad: We don't pray to Santa buddy.
Archer: Why not?
Chad: Because we only pray to Heavenly Father.
Archer: Well why can't I pray to Santa too?
Chad: Because, we only pray to God. Santa isn't God.
Archer: But he is magic like God.
Chad: God isn't magic, He knows everything, that's different.
Archer: But Santa knows everything that Heavenly Father knows. He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows if you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good.
Chad: I see your point, but Santa still isn't the same as God. If you want to talk to Santa, you can write him a letter.
Archer: Well why would you do that? I told you, he already knows all the stuff that you have been doing.
Chad: Look buddy, Santa is just a regular guy who happens to know some magic. He needs help knowing who has been naughty and who has been nice, so sometimes he calls Mommy and me after you go to bed, and we let him know what kind of day you had.
Archer: Are you serious?
Chad: Yes, I am serious. Ask Mom.
Me: (I give Chad the "Don't you drag me into this!" look, this was already kind of disturbing me) Ummm, Dad is usually the one that talks to him.
Archer: Well, I want to talk to him then.
Chad: OK, one of these nights, when Santa calls, I will let you answer it.
Archer: How about tonight?
Chad: I don't think tonight, maybe another night. But regardless, we don't pray to Santa buddy. OK?
Archer: OK Daddy.

I could tell that Archer thought we were full of it and that tonight when he went upstairs, he would pray to Santa and let him know exactly what he wanted.


Lisa said...

What a crack-up! I don't even know how to approach Santa. Jake knows who he is, but he accidentally saw some of his presents, and I don't think he'd get it if we tried to explain the concept to him. Archer sounds like such a funny kid, I hope I get to meet him soon!

Karin said...

It is precisely this conversation that made us choose to approach Santa the way we do. I've heard of too many such conversations that made me uncomfortable enough that I wanted to avoid it altogether. :-)

Good Luck!

Allison said...

That's super funny. Tristan still believes this year. He asked a lot of logistical questions last year. Mostly I just answered, "I don't know" or "I'm not sure." This year, no questions. He did tell me that he's asked Santa for all the expensive presents so we don't have to buy them. Thanks.

Belle of the Blues said...

That is an awesome story! Glad you documented it for posterity. p.s. we miss you

Marti said...

This is a great conversation. I love how his mind works. I read it to my seventh graders. I'm sure he DID pray to Santa. I'm pretty sure, too, that Santa was listening.