Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Archer the Pilgrim Preacher: HALLELUJAH! Take 2...

Edit: For some reason the editing program I used cropped Archer out of most of the movie. So here is take 2, this time Archer is included, well, except for at the end when I didn't notice that he was no longer in the shot...

Here is Archer's Thanksgiving Play. He is the Pilgrim Minister, hence the white collar. Please forgive the shaky camera work, I had it propped against my foot because I was also taking still pictures with another camera. If you can't see his head, be patient, I figure it out and fix the camera angle.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Indian Pow Wow....Wow.

The Indian Pow Wow Championships came to town and were very surprised with how many people that were surprised that we wanted to go. Being from politically correct California, we were also taken aback that "Indian" was used in the official event title instead of "Native American." Apparently the use of "Indian" is all over Texas because Archer comes home singing Thanksgiving songs using that word. Anyway, the competition was held at the local "Traders Village" which at first glance one might think, "Oh, this looks like the Orange County Swap Meet." I made this mistake myself, but after only a few minutes I realized that this was nothing like the Swap Meet. It was sort of like a giant garage sale held on a back street in Tijuana. Suddenly we felt very disgusted by everything around us. We even threw away the soda we brought with us because it we didn't want to put anything in our mouths in a place like that. The worst part was, Archer was getting an education that we would rather him not have gotten from the items and the faces of everyone around us. Case in point, Caitlin and I noticed a woman crouching down in the bushes. We simultaneously made two observations. One, she was vomiting. Two, Archer was attempting to ask her, "why are you throwing up?"

We finally found the area labeled "Indian Trading Goods." Happy to be free of the Tijuana back street, we set out to look at coyote pelts, rain sticks, and crying Indians painted on velvet. Archer got a leather hip sack and a "bear-claw" necklace (we are pretty sure it is plastic). Caitlin was looking at the bracelets but as we quickly learned, Indian jewelry is no joke price-wise. Archer too was interested in the jewelry until an old Indian lady told him that it was to ward off evil spirits.

I wanted some authentic Indian food as was advertised by the website (yes, we checked the website trying to get amped up for the Pow Wow) I even went as far as not to eating before leaving home hoping to get some Tatonka and corn bread, but all they had was "Indian Tacos". As far as I could tell, it looked like a funnel cake with salad on top. Carnie food with an Indian twist maybe? PBandJ when I got home is what happened.

We made our way over to where they were having the competition. It was being held in what one would classify as a "stadium". There were a group of men in the center banging on drums while another larger group was dancing around them. They were doing the cliche two hops on the left, two on the right, repeat, Indian dance. I put Archer on my shoulders so he could see and said, "Hey, tell me when you're all done with this". 30 Seconds later he was done.
We then took a look at some teepees that they had up behind the stadium. One was made with Bamboo and Caitlin made a joke saying "that must be South Dakota bamboo".

We saw some people dressing up in full costume getting ready to compete so we went over to get some pictures. This was by far the most authentic part of our day and it was fun to see the "Tiny Tots" compete. We got out of there just as Della was preparing a melt down. Indian Pow Wow Competition, we'll see you next year.