Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Archer's First Day of Kindergarten

Archer throwing up signs. Notice his bright green sticker that says who he is, what class he is in, and how he gets to and from school...

Archer is officially in school! I'll admit it, I cried at the parent orientation but only because they took the kids into the classrooms while the parents stayed behind to fill out forms. As soon as the kids were out of sight the principal read some stupid poem (OK, it was kind of sweet) about how our children grow up so quickly. Who are the sadistic people that are running things?!?! Don't they know that some of us are having a hard enough time holding back tears? Once I got weepiness out of my system things have been great.

Archer gets on the bus at 8:23 AM and is dropped off at 4:01 PM. That is a long day for a little boy who gave up his nap 6 months ago. He has come home tired and grumpy. There are enough Kindergarten students to fill 9 classrooms but there are only 8 teachers. Archer gets the "new teacher" once the school hires one. Until then he is in a classroom with twice the amount of kids, one teacher, and some teacher's aids. I'm not too happy about it, but I can't really do anything. I just wish they would hurry, it is going to be hard transitioning to a new teacher and a new routine as he gets more and more used to the one he is in now.

Archer did confess to me on Friday night that he gets "Two or three timeouts a day." What!?!? I calmly asked him what was going on. He said that most of his timeouts are for talking when he isn't supposed to (I have no idea where he gets that). Then he said "One of my timeouts was at recess because I threw mulch at a kid's face because he was trying to make my hand let go of the jungle gym. So I dropped down and I escaped and threw mulch in his face." Ahhhhh, my son the non-stop talker/mulch thrower.

He later told it Great-Grandparents that "There is a waitress at my school. I am pretty sure she is a super model. She talks really sassy like this 'Oh no you don't!' She also drives my bus!" I think he sees her as a hero of sorts ever since the day this sassy talking waitress/supermodel/bus driver rescued him. The other morning Chad watched Archer get on the bus and watched as he chose a seat next to a brother who had his sister on his lap, the latter waving to her parents out of the bus window. When said sister was finished saying her good byes she turned around to sit next to her brother and noticed Archer occupying what she perceived to be her place on the bench. Little Sister was very upset that Archer wasn't complying with her "family only" rule and started yelling at him to move. Chad could tell that Archer was kind of silently freaking out as he started straight ahead, eyes wide, completely ignoring the angry girl. Don't worry, the Sasstress herself came to his rescue by yelling in the bus's rear view mirror "Uh-uh! Sit down missy! Three to a seat on this bus! Don't be yelling at nobody!" PHEW!


Anonymous said...

I love that he throw gang signs!

Anastacia said...

He looks so grown up. Hope the new teacher has arrived by now. Perhaps the sassy bus driver/waitress/supermodel could add that to her list. :)

Hope all is well!

Marti said...

I can't wait to meet the supermodel/waitress/ sassy bus driver. Oh, that all our lives could be so colorful.