Monday, March 23, 2009

Houston Rodeo

We went to the Houston Rodeo on Saturday with our friends the Bomgaars (who have only been Texans for 3 weeks!). The Houston rodeo is the biggest rodeo in the world so there was a lot to do. Next year we will plan a little more in advance so that we can see everything and find parking closer than a mile from the actual rodeo itself. We didn't go to an event because Della would most certainly flip out with all the noise, plus Rocky and Ana's baby, Indiana, is only 4 months old. So we will have to fit that in next year.

Archer throughly enjoyed seeing all of the livestock, especially the "goodies" that they left behind. He was also able to see a calf that was only a few hours old. Unfortunately he also witnessed the after birth being delivered from the mama cow. He stared wide eyed while screaming "Dad! What part of the cow is that?!?!" Chad grabbed him and left.

The video is of Archer in a typical carnival fun house. It was a maze of mirrors and clear plastic walls. I noticed some fire sprinklers in the ceiling of the maze and I thought, "If this thing caught on fire, anyone inside of it would die." He didn't go on it anymore after that.

We had a really fun time and the weather was so beautiful; about 65 degrees and breezy. If anyone plans on coming to visit us, come during the rodeo. Suggested dress: short denim skirt or denim shorts rolled disturbingly high, necklace with either a giant bedazzled cross or Texas star with tons of beads, and cowboy boots.

PS- I didn't "pose" Archer in any of these pictures, this is him in his "natural state."


Science Teacher Mommy said...

"That's him in his natural state." Hee. Hee. He sounds like a zoo attraction.

We did the rodeo once. It was pretty fun. But like every public, outdoor event in Houston: too much cigarette smoke. And some of the indoor ones too. (I'm thinking of a U2 concert where the cigarette smoke was only drowned out by the pot. Nice.)

Amanda said...

There was a rodeo here in Tucson as well, but we weren't feeling brave enough to go. Maybe next year.

Amy said...

Very Fun!