Friday, January 09, 2009

Written, Sung, and Choreographed By Archer

I love my son. Sometimes I think he is different than other (almost) 5 year old boys. I could be wrong but I do have a very strong case. Here is some evidence to support my theory:

Exhibit A: He has many imaginary friends but his favorites are Chico (he's a rascal old man with long hair and clear pants) and Juan (Chico's foil).

Exhibit B: He talks incessantly.

Exhibit C: He licks his hands constantly.

Exhibit D: He can voluntarily regurgitate his dinner in order to prove that he "doesn't like peas."

Exhibit E: Insists upon wearing these goggles with the beads inside when we go out to run errands.

Exhibit F: Did I mention he talks a lot?

Exhibit G: His love for Hannah Montana and "Eye-lee" Cyrus.

Exhibit H: His inexplicable fear of the television show "iCarly" on Nickelodeon starring Miranda Cosgrove.

Exhibit I: He can sing/rap almost the entire song "Paper Planes" by MIA (should I video that?).

Exhibit J: He can't vacuum the stairs without wearing industrial earphones.

Exhibit K: He refuses to eat at the table if there are food germs (crumbs) on it. Please refer to Exhibit C.

Exhibit L:

I would like to point out that I clap along to his songs, laugh at his jokes, applaud his dances, fall for his booby traps, am amazed by his magic tricks, jump at his scary stories, fawn over his artwork, tolerate his drumming, and try not to cringe at his science experiments. However, there comes a time in the day, usually when Chad is due to arrive home, when I just run out of patience. That's when I usually resort to a comment that is similar to the one I made at the end of this video.


Amanda said...

At first you think that he's dancing to something on TV. Then, you realize that the TV in on the other side of the room and the camera pans around to show that he's looking out the window. I like Archer and am sad that you live so far away. I think he and Lillian would be good friends. Lillian keeps the letter of the day in her pocket, eats imaginary raisins, and makes friends with inanimate objects like chairs.

Allison said...

Caitlin your post was so funny. I too thought he was dancing to the TV. I wish I was creative enough to make up a crazy dance and imaginary friends. I wouldn't worry about Archer. He seemed to do well at pre-school. Some kids are just more creative. I hope you're writing it down for him so he can read it someday in the future. Amanda, that's funny about Lillian.
PS. I also forgot that Chico has clear pants.

Anonymous said...

I also forgot that Chico has clear pants... I think it's great that at least you tell him you love him before you tell him he's driving you nuts.... I've got to try that one.

Beth said...

I love your blogs about Archer!!! He is an amazing kid! I knew it from the first day I met him.

I said it before and I will say it are living with a genius!