Saturday, August 30, 2008

Della Belle's Turn...

For some reason, this is how Della sleeps in her crib. Here is the top view...

And here she is from the side...

Chad made her walk to the top of the play yard at McDonalds...

Archer couldn't resist a photo op...

Working hard standing up...

Pooped out...

Take a Picture of Me!

The following series of pictures were all "styled" by Archer and prefaced with "Mom, take a picture of me"...

This random kid stepped right in front of Archer when I snapped this one. Archer was not feelin' it...

These bugs are EVERYWHERE. "Mom, what are these bugs doing?" Ummmmmm...

Archer has always played with is hair, even when he was a baby. He likes to twirl it with his finger, especially when he is tired, anxious, or really thinking about something. This is how his hair looked after we had a conversation about volcanoes...

All in all, I think Archer is adjusting well and making friends...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Chad!

Today we celebrated Chad's birthday. We had a yummy dinner which consisted of pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, corn, and topped it off with Grandma's famous chocolate cake.

Even Della got in on the cake action...

As I was trying to remove the beaters from the hand mixer, I accidentally hit the "on" button. I had JUST put on that shirt and thought to myself "I should really try and keep this clean because I want to wear it tomorrow." Dang it.

Archer and Della playing some sort of "clapping game." Della thinks this is hilarious.

This is Della maxing and relaxing at church today...

Trains At Zube Park and Gator Fightin' Tips

We went to Zube Park on Saturday where we rode on a miniature train. I was impressed at just how extensive the tracks were, I think our ride lasted about 15 minutes. We went through "The Badlands" into "The Worselands" and even through "The Bone Yard." We also made a trip through "Gator Forest". Archer told me the best way to fend off a gator is to poke them in the eye. Good to know.

Here is a picture of the guy running the trains. He was smoking a pipe with a cigar in his pocket for later.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Proud Della Moments, Funny Archer Quotes, and Random Pictures

I walked into Della's room and she had pulled herself up to a stand for the first time ever! She looked so proud of herself. Hopefully it wasn't a fluke and she is really getting stronger. Next week we have another intake meeting with Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) and we can get her started in therapy. I am frustrated at how long this is taking! I feel like weeks are passing by and nothing is being done to facilitate her development. She's already 19 months old and it seems like the gap between her and other children her age is growing wider and wider. Can you tell I have patience issues?

Moving on...Here is Della playing the drums with Daddy.

Let's get a close up of that curly hair!

When I was little I learned this nursery rhyme:
There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead,
And when she was good, she was very very good,
And when she was bad she was horrid!

This rhyme kept replaying in my head as I was feeding her breakfast...

So it's really really (really really) hot here in Texas and the humidity makes the heat even more intense. Having had skin cancer (3 years toward remission as of August 8th, thank you very much) I don't really like activities that take place in the sun. But I take Archer somewhere everyday to participate in some vigorous activity. This is why:

Every evening when it starts to cool down (to 85 degrees) all the neighbors and their kids come out to play. Sometimes it's football, sometimes it's bikes, sometimes it's power wheels, but this is exactly why we moved here. I can send my son out to play and someone will be out on the cul-de-sac watching the kids play.

Funny Archer quotes:

-"Dad, torMados are scary because you don't know when they are coming."

-"I am really not your friend right now Mom and I am not going to come in your bed every morning ever again!"

-When confronted about telling a lie "Well sometimes my mouth just says stuff."

-"Mom, I tied a rope on my bed and I can swing on it. I can also swing on vines and trees like Tarzan do's."

-"My primary singing teacher is very mysterious."

-"I can't go to gymnastics! I can't even do a flip-er-oo!"

-"How come you and Daddy get to watch Hannah Montana and I don't!" For the record we don't watch Hannah Montana.

-"But I don't want to clean up my mess, it is not fun and it is very boring."

This is the frog Chad found in his warehouse. It was the size of a softball.

Another cloud picture. I may have adjusted the color a little bit.

Friday, August 08, 2008

New and Embarrassing Stuff

We haven't done anything super exciting lately. Just the normal everyday summer stuff that ya'll (Texas talk) are up too; the park, swimming, staying indoors, and other cool activities. We went to visit Chad at work and he gave Archer some drum lessons, he has been asking non stop to go back ever since. We did have something funny happen yesterday while I was visiting teaching someone for the very first time. **Warning** I am trying to write this in the most non-offensive way, in fact, I have been debating on writing it at all. It was just too funny, and I just had to share it. So we are at this woman's house talking to her and my son is playing in a basket of dog toys. He pulls out a deflated rubber chicken and asks the woman what was wrong with it. She answers that one of her dogs chewed it and it popped. Archer moves to the side of us, opens up the chicken's legs and proceeds to try and blow into it. I see what is happening and I can already feel my face getting red. I am trying not to interrupt this woman and my visiting teaching companion's conversation and I am praying that they don't notice. I whisper yelled as quietly as I could "Archer! Get that out of your mouth. Now!" He says "What Mom? I am just trying to blow it up." Then he proceeds to pull apart the chicken's legs again and continues blowing. This time I get a little louder "Archer! Knock it off!" He answers back in a loud and exasperated tone "Jeez Mom! I am trying to just fix this thing!" Continues blowing. By now the other women have stopped their conversation and look at my son. My face was so red and I had tears in my eyes. At least it wasn't at church.