Monday, April 21, 2008

Best Idea Ever (almost)

A friend told be about this site called "blurb." It is a company that will PRINT OUT YOUR BLOG! I have been wondering for a long time what the best way would be to keep a hard copy of this digital journal. Blurb has a program that you download for free. It will then "slurp" your blog off of the internet and put it into book form. You can edit the text, take out and rearrange pictures, etc. Then you can get it made for a really reasonable price. A 10x8 book that is 20-40 pages is $19.99 for a softcover and $30.oo for a hardcover. The price only increases $2 for 41-80 pages! There is a smaller book that starts at $12.95. Anyway, it is pretty cool. I think we are going to do books by date, like a yearbook/journal/scrapbook/family history. I was also thinking of all the gifts that could be made. They even has this great cookbook layout. Awesome.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

I looked at Blurb just before Christmas (I was going to do some other stuff there) and downloaded their free software. The problem is that we ended up with a major spyware attack and a the portal to hell porn sight that took several scans and calls to our ISP to clean out of our computer. The problem is that the way they make money is with all these horrible pop-ups.

Before I realized Blurb was the problem and deleted it, I used it a little bit and found it kind of unwieldy. I would like to find one like blurb that charged a small fee to download and didn't have the advertising. The concept is awesome. I would love to make Plantboy a book for Father's Day. He takes these awesome flower pictures. Let me know how it goes.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I've heard about blog-printing programs like this, and I'd love to find a good one. After hearing about STM's experience I think I'll steer clear of Blurb, though. Yeesh.