Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Disneyland Birthday

For Archer's 4th birthday, Uncle Devin and I took him to Disneyland. First we ate at "Goofy's Kitchen" and lots of characters came around to say hello. Then we went into the park and rode a few rides. Well, Devin and Archer did the riding, Della and I mostly waited around for the boys.

Archer's favorite movie is "Peter Pan" and he was very excited to see Wendy. She sat and talked to Archer for almost 10 minutes. My favorite part was when Devin got some chocolate pudding and Archer asked if he was "eating poop." Wendy thought this was hilarious.

Archer was also excited to meet "Allison Wonderland" and the "Hat Guy." I think he had a crush on "Allison" because she gave him a kiss. When we were leaving the restaurant Archer started freaking out saying that he had forgotten to tell "Allison" his last name. Uncle Devin assured him that she knew what his last name was. PHEW! Also, the guy in the Mad Hatter costume was a fellow Parade Of The Stars veteran. I was so embarrassed that I didn't recognize him. The fake nose and eyebrows he was wearing didn't help any.

We saw Cinderella's coach all decked out for someone's wedding.

There was a weird smell inside of the Monorail. Turns out the floor was wet. Archer had taken off his shoes and his socks were saturated with this mystery liquid. Gross.

Poor Della had a boogar in her hair and it was making a piece of it stand up. I have no idea how it got there and I couldn't pull it out, so I had to wet it first. So sad.

I always know when it is time to leave because Archer starts whining a crying more than usual. You see a lot of this at Disneyland toward the late afternoon and into the evening. The difference with us is that we have passes and we just leave when our kids get tired. Since most people in the park paid $70 for admission, they have a serious monetary investment going on and feel obligated to stay until the park closes. So there are lots of kids hysterically crying and parents dragging them along while breathing out serious threats as everyone reaches their limit. This in no way looks fun. We have been very fortunate to enjoy the park on our own time. Below is a picture of Archer modeling his "fed up" face as he finishes the last of his foot-long sucker he bought himself using the birthday money that Uncle Matt and Aunt Shelley sent.


Allison said...

Ahh... early evening at Disneyland... where it becomes the most UNhappy place on earth. It looks like you guys had fun.

The Papavero's said...

I laughed so hard about Dellas hair haha love it when stuff like that happens, that picture with allison and archer is so adorable! We need to go together, we have passes too!

Tyler Ball said...

I miss Disneyland! I'm pretty sure I spent almost as much time there as at high school. I heard they messed with Tom Sawyer's Island... is it lame, or cool?

Amanda said...

That last post was from me, not Tyler. Happy Birthday Archer!

Caitlin said...

Amanda- Yes they redid Tom Sawyer's Island. I am not sure what it is called now, but it has a pirate theme. It still has all the caves and bridges but they all have piratey names. There are also pirates roaming the island and a really good Jack Sparrow impersonator. He really looks and sounds like Johnny Depp (which is fine with me). Archer likes it, so we go visit it every so often. Is it lame or cool? You will have to be the judge of that.

Amy said...

happy birthday archer! We love you do much! I can't wait unt summer when we can go to the magic kingdom just to play in the sprinklers! Good times.

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Joy's too young to appreciate Disneyland, but when we finally do take her it will be on the condition that we leave when she's (or we've) had enough. Passes are good things. :)