Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wicked Vilate

So I went with Vilate to see "Wicked" one last time on December 18th. I will admit that the night started off disastrous, but don't worry, it had a happy ending. It happened to be pouring rain when we left and it took us nearly 2 hours to get to the Pantages. What is with California drivers and rain? I know it doesn't rain often, but c'mon people, let's not freak out because water is falling from the sky! Let's just say it was a nightmare getting there. We showed up with no tickets in hopes of either winning the ticket lottery or buying the cheap ones in the nosebleed section. The lottery is for 20 tickets (or 10 pairs) that are in the very front row in the center and cost $25 a ticket. We tried to strike a deal with some people to buy any extra tickets that they might win. Fortunately for our new friends, one of their names was drawn and they won a pair of tickets. Unfortunately for us, we were not as lucky. We ended up buying tickets in row YY. That's right, the last row would be ZZ. It could have been worse. After we got our tickets we decided to walk to a restaurant to get some dinner. It was still raining...hard. After we walked a block in the wrong direction my feet gave out and we settled on a sandwich shop. It was delish. So with a rocky start, we finally found our seats and enjoyed the show. I will say that it was just as wonderful as the first time that I saw it back in April. For those of you who haven't seen it, I highly recommend that you go. The music is amazing and the cast is so full of talent.

Unfortunately for some, Eden Espinosa, who plays Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West), is ending her run at the Pantages today. I know I have told many of you my story, but I am going to write it anyway. I worked in the entertainment department at Disneyland back in 2001 when Disney's California Adventure (DCA) opened. There was a rumor going around in the department about an amazing performer who was singing at the Hyperion Theater in DCA. So one day during our lunch break, we snuck into the Hyperion to watch the show. The woman playing the "Fairy God Mother" was indeed one of the most talented singers I had ever heard. She had an unforgettable powerhouse voice. After the show we were all trying to figure out what she was doing working at Disneyland. Clearly she had the talent that could take her places. Some of us would see the show 3 times a week just to see her perform. I was so excited when I realized that the girl playing the lead in "Wicked" was the same one I had seen 6 years earlier, Eden Espinosa. It was so great to see a Disney alum really "make it." You can read an interview here with her that was recently in the LA Times.

I want to give a shout out to Vilate. I tried doing it on KIIS FM, but they told me that I was lame. Thanks for going with me. I had so much fun. I am glad that I could see a show about friendship with such a good friend.

Here is a picture of the Pantages Theatre taken from inside Vilate's car. The giant Christmas tree was sitting atop the Capitol Records Building.

Here is a picture of Vilate and me after walking around in the rain with no umbrellas. Is it unflattering? Yes. Do I care? No.


Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I'm glad the evening turned out well. I love that musical. :)

Sundee said...

I love this show as is the wierd thing...Megan Hilty went to Washington Accademy of Performing Arts a private High School with my sister Megan! So when I saw the show at the Paramount in Seattle my sister got to go back stage and chat with the cast. Unfortunatley I didnt get to :( But it is a very small world!

Allison said...

I didn't know you saw it again. I'm so jealous. Brian got an AmEx gift card for Christmas from some doctor. I was looking at the card and I said to Brian, "It's weird this card looks just like... hmmm... wow... it looks just like Wicked tickets." He didn't think it was all that funny. I really want to go. You'll have to fill me in on the lottery, etc. The Wizard and I is my favorite song.

Anne "the Hook" Calder said...

You are OBSESSED!!!!!