Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Wearing Christmas outfits.

Standard Archer face.

Archer wearing his new tool belt with accessories.

Della eating paper.

Archer and the pickle gift.

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....

Here is a rundown of our various holiday activities from the past week. Archer had his Holiday Program at his preschool and he was so over the whole thing. It is a nondenominational preschool so they sang "We Wish You A Happy Holiday" and "I'm A Little Snowperson." Yes, you read that correctly, "Snowperson." Anyway, Archer wasn't that into doing all of the little hand motions that went with the songs although he did sing. Then the boy next to him fell off the little makeshift stage. Out of sympathy for the mother, I won't be posting video of his fall. Needless to say Archer was a lot more interested in drama of the accident, and he really didn't sing much for the duration of the program. Oh well. It was cute anyway however it doesn't compare to last year's performance.

Moving onto the ward Christmas Party. I feel that the pictures are pretty self explanatory. Archer enjoying a cup cake. Meeting Santa and insisting that he wants a "Glow in the dark 'Star Wars' calendar with robots (he has no idea what "Star Wars" is). A special thanks to Santa (aka Brother Allen) for assuring Archer that he would get his calendar in spite of the fact that Calder Santa is done shopping. All I have to say is, I can't wait until he has kids. Also there are some pictures with Della and she is sporting her "faux hawk." This is what her hair looks like after her bath. Trust me, there is no way of getting it to lie flat and I am not putting hair gel on my 11 month old baby. I give her a bath at night and her hair has usually settled down by morning. It was just her luck that bath night and ward party night happened to coincide with one another.

This last picture is of the "Transformers" mask that Uncle Andrew made. Needless to say, Archer was waaayyyy into it. Andrew was so thorough in his job, that he even laminated the mask with tape. Thanks Uncle Andrew!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Brother Is Married!

My brother was married yesterday in the Philippines to his lovely wife Raquel. Here are some of the pictures from his wedding day. Congratulations Jon and Raquel!

Doing Well

Della's surgery went well yesterday and the Dr. ended up just taking her adenoids because her tonsils looked good. So that means an easier recovery for her. Thank you to all who prayed and fasted on our behalf. It brought us a lot of comfort and we felt confident that we were doing the right thing. Here is a picture of her this morning enjoying her first solid food in 24 hours. Her face is a little swollen but she should be back to normal in about 2 weeks.

Here is a little Archer picture for your enjoyment. He is sitting on the couch watching cartoons with Juan (new imaginary friend who made his appearance last Thursday), Chico (old-man imaginary friend) and the monster that he drew. Archer and Chico have had some adventures lately. We were waiting to get Della's x-rays done last week and the waiting room was completely full. Archer thought this would be a good time to inform us that Chico was wearing "clear pants." Hmmmmm. Then on Sunday Archer told us that Juan would be going with us to church however Chico would not because "he is a rascal." Just before church started Archer turned to his nursery leader and informed her that "Church is really really long." He also interrupted the Sister Missionary to inform her that her FHE lesson was "really really long." When do they learn tact? Hopefully soon.