Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Round 2!

Here we go again! Della is having her tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday, December 4th. I am dreading it and am excited for it all at the same time. Is that possible? It will be hard for about 2 weeks, but then we should start seeing improvements. If you scroll down to the x-ray you can see how swollen and enlarged her tonsils and adenoids are and just how small her air way is. Della snores, wakes up several times a night from sleep apnea, gags on food with any kind of texture, and is constantly congested. I will be glad to see her rid of those things. I am a little nervous about the whole Christmas shopping thing. I guess I will do it all online! Anyway, please remember her in your prayers on Tuesday. The rest of the pictures are just for fun.
The white mass is her inflamed adenoids.

That is her airway, it should extend to her adenoids. The Dr. said her airway is the width of a linguine noodle.

Wearing Papa's glasses.

Archer doing his "new boot dance." Best $10 I ever spent. This morning we were all teasing each other over breakfast and Archer said "Daddy wears a dress and beads!" Hilarious in the world of a 3 (almost 4) year-old.


Amanda said...

We're going to fast for Della on Sunday. Good luck, and I hope it works out for the best.

The Birds in TX said...

I just love the pics you post:O) Della and your family will be in our prayers next week . I am sure it will be miserable, but after it is over, you and her will be much happier I'm sure. Also, you have been tagged again. See my blog post titled Tag game #1 on 11/28. Oh and I hear you are planning on moving to
UT. I am happy for you, but sad that it's not TX. Good Luck!

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

In the "Daddy's glasses" picture, at first I thought the pacifier was some crazy breathing apparatus.

Good luck. Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say- happy it will be over, yet sad that you are about to have a super great next 2 weeks!! Please call if I can pick up Archer one day or bring you in some food.. How about chocolate chip cookies? or just the dough?

Bluebell said...

Holy cow, I didn't know they did that operation on someone so young. Our ENT said they usually like to wait until they are at least three or four, but I guess if it's that severe it would become necessary. Wow! I hope it makes all the difference for you guys. Will they keep her overnight? We will be praying for you. Love ya. Oh yeah, and what's this I hear about moving to Utah? I need to call you.