Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pumpkins (A Little Late)

We invited Anne over to carve pumpkins with us and this is what happened...

Archer wearing what he calls his "serious face."

Finished pumpkins from left to right; Caitlin, Anne, Archer, and Chad.

Archer's "Monster Pumpkin."

Chad's heavy browed mustached jack o' lantern.

Anne's 4-eyed creation.

I took this in the midst of Archer singing "Trick or treat, smell my feet!"


The Birds in TX said...

Looks like fun! I have been thinking about y'all lately. You know we are still hoping to convince you guys to move out here. It really is great out here this time of year. But I do know how nice it is to spend times (like carving pumpkins) with family too. We carved them alone this year and my arm was soo tired after scooping 4 pumpkins:) But we had fun anyhow:)

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

I think that's the first mustache I've ever seen on a pumpkin.

Amanda said...

I think that would qualify as a mustachio, and that way, you could say you had a mustachioed pumpkin.