Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Fair, Disneyland, Rain, Chico, Etc...

We started off the weekend by going to the Los Angeles County Fair on Friday night. We went with my mom and Devin and ate lots of fair-esque food and saw lots of fair-esque people. Archer was obsessed with playing in a fun house/obstacle course that Chad renamed "Ninja Warrior." "NW" is filmed in Japan and features 3 levels of obstacle courses that increase in difficulty. The final challenge is called "Mount Fudoriyama" and is a series of climbing challenges. Only two men have ever finished all three obstacle courses and scaled Mt. Fudoriyama successfully. Archer was thrilled to feel as though he was a competetor on "NW." At the end of the night, when asked what is favorite part of the fair had been, he replied, "My favorite part was when you watched me do Ninja Warrior." Of course.

Archer and Dad.

Little Lambs.

Della and Nana.

Archer wanted to play carnival games and Chad was trying to convince him that it was a waste of money. To show him that these games are near impossible to win Chad told Archer that he could try the pop-a-balloon-with-a-dart game. Archer picked up a dart, threw it, and popped a balloon right off the bat. Chad paid the game-worker and Archer tried 3 more times to pop another balloon, but was unsuccessful. The game-worker was kind enough to reward Archer's first victory with a stuffed red bulldog that he named "Fluffy."

On Saturday it was pouring rain. What was that Calder Family's first thought? "We should go to Disneyland! The park will be empty!" We only got stuck in the rain once, but fortunately for us it was while we were eating lunch. We parked ourselves under a heated patio and watched the downpour while we ate. We all love the rain and I was practically giddy when I heard that there was a storm heading our way. We have had NO RAINFALL for 151 days (April 22). Here are the pictures from our (very wet) outing.
Chad letting Archer drive the bumper car.

Waiting for the rain to stop.

Here is Chad and Archer with Cruella DeVille. She said that I had no fashion sense. Coming from her, I take that as a compliment.

Archer asked Cinderella's step-mother why she is so mean to Cinderella. Gutsy. She said that she would never be mean to her step-daughter and that she was merely trying to give her some guidance and teach her how to have a good work ethic.

Della patiently sitting in her stroller.

Archer has said some really funny things lately. We were in the parking lot of "Borders" bookstore and Archer started screaming "Dad! Stop! Stop the car! It's Jesus! Look Dad! It's Jesus! Stop!" Chad looked where Archer was pointed and saw a tall and thin hippy kid with long brown hair and a beard. Not quite.

Last week Archer tapped me on the leg and started furiously signing and pointing with his hands. I asked him what he wanted and he continued to sign and point. "Buddy, I don't know what you are saying." I tell him. "But Mom, I am talking with my hands," he replies. "Yes I see that," I say, "But I need you to use words." As he walks away slightly disappointed Archer says "Geez Mom, Ninjas know how to talk with their hands." How sad for my son that I am lacking in basic Ninja skills.

Onto Chico...Archer has a pretend friend. Named Chico(?). He is an old man with blond hair. Creepy, I know. Chico is often our companion when we are running errands, usually riding in the front seat with me. Chico also apparently takes great pride in his good looks. Archer, who is Chico's translator, informed me that Chico wanted his hair braided. I just went with it. Any mischief in the house has been attributed to Chico. How convenient. Take last week for instance. The vacuum was not sucking anything up and after I spent 30 minutes taking the whole thing apart, I pulled out an 8 inch comb and some pass along cards that "someone" had shoved into the hose. I asked Archer if he had done this and he replied "No, Chico did that." I said "Tell Chico that the next time that he does something naughty, you will be put on time out." He argued "But Mom! I already told you! Chico did that naughty thing!" So far Chico has been behaving. Well, except last Monday night. During the FHE prayer Archer whisper/yells "Close your eyes Chico! We are saying the prayer right now!" Oh Chico. You are a rascal.


Amy said...

I freakin love our kids and the funny things they say!! Archer is the best. What an imagination!! I love talking to him just to hear what he will tell me about.

Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

Man - I wish I'd had an imaginary friend when I was a kid. Chico sounds like a hoot.

I love Della's "don't mess with me" face in the Nana picture.

The Birds said...

None of my 4 kids have ever had an imaginary friend:( I bet it would be entertaining. Glad to see you guys are doin' well:)