Friday, August 03, 2007

Of Course

Of course this happens on a day that Chad is out of town on a scout trip. Of course he is camping on the coast where there is no cell phone signal. It all started with (another) trip down to CHOC yesterday to take both Archer and Della to the pediatrician. As the Dr. was examining Archer's ears he made a startling discovery, something was inside ear canal. He let me sneak a peek and as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what it was...a piece of white wax from one of Della's ear plugs that mysteriously disappeared a few days ago. I instantly feel like an incompetent mother as if my sole purpose in life is to monitor what goes in my child's orifices as well as knowing the whereabouts of all choking hazards (anything that can fit into a toilet paper roll for those of you who are wondering). I called the ear/nose/throat Dr. who agreed to meet me at his office at 7 AM. So I woke up at 5, got the kids ready, dropped off Della at my grandparents at 6:15, and was at Dr. Camelon's by 6:50. He was able to successfully extract the ear plug and he discovered an ear both ears...with fluid that has solidified...of course. The next 4 hours were filled with x-rays, blood work, and a urine test (all in separate buildings). Archer is scheduled to have his tonsils and adenoids removed as well as tubes put in his ears next week. As the Dr. described the symptoms of someone who has enlarged adenoids and tonsils, I realized Archer had every single one. He has had a serious drooling problem since the day he was born, gagging, trouble swallowing, chewing food into a pulp and still not being able to swallow it, as well  chronic ear infections. AT LAST! Answers to the problems Archer has had for most of his short life. All the hours of occupational therapy, the worry, the frustration of a "picky" child could potentially all come to an end. Of course I am not that excited for my son to have surgery, but I am excited for potential solutions that it offers. All of these events transpired without Chad's knowledge because his phone wasn't working...of course. Archer's surgery the 10th of August. Side note- Della's MRI is on the 7th, so we have another busy week.

The giant tootsie roll that Papa and Grandma gave Archer.

The rest of the pictures were taken in various Dr.'s offices and CHOC:

PS Chad now knows about all that has been going on  and thankfully his cell phone works!


Amanda said...

Good grief! You're my hero.

Allison said...

Don't underestimate the joy Archer got from peeing in a cup. He told me ALL about it yesterday. Tristan and Jack were suitable impressed and they all had a good giggle about it.

Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

It's the little things that make life fun, eh? :)

Glad you guys got some answers about Archer's symptoms.

Amy said...

You never think you are as strong as you are. You're my hero!!!