Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Little Einsteins Dance

We usually watch Little Einsteins in the morning while we finish getting ready for school. For some reason Archer dances for the entire duration of the opening song. He does this completely unprovoked every time we watch it. I caught it on film yesterday and I am posting it for all of you to see. Actually, this was my second attempt at filming it. The first time I was holding Della while trying to hold the camera and I didn't end up pushing record. Oops. So I put Della in her saucer and rewound the show in hopes that Archer would dance to it again. I didn't tell him that I was trying to record his performance so that he would be completely in his element. It worked!

A few side notes on the video. 1. Notice how he is constantly wiping his mouth with his hand. This is because of his drooling problem and the year and a half we have spent telling him to wipe his spit. I can't wait for this to be resolved with his surgery on Friday. 2. I like the "sprinkler" move in the middle of the dance. 3. I also like how he catches me filming him but continues to dance anyway. Sweet.


Allison said...

Jack watched this with me and kept saying, "I want to go to Archer's house and watch that show with him."

Anonymous said...

My kids only like the new ones where they clap. Oh yea it's a big hit

Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

Della's lucky to have such an entertaining brother. Talk about skills.