Thursday, July 05, 2007

(A Very Busy)4th of July

We spent the afternoon at Uncle Mike and Aunt Chris's House. They have a pool and a beautiful patio that we used to the fullest!

Uncle Mike's bubble machine.

We were also celebrating Grandma Calder's Birthday. She is in the left side of this picture with Archer and Devin.

Eli and Mia.

Archer in the pool. As you can tell, it was very bright outside.

Mike, Dick, and Nancy.

Archer with floaties (courtesy of Uncle Mike).

Della's first 4th of July.

Archer and Tyler.

Della wants to know who invited the Paparazzi?

Mia (9 months), Della (6 months), and Lillian (12 months).

Archer refused to watch the fireworks without wearing these headphones. Once he put them on he had a hard time hearing what others were saying to him and he assumed that we all suffered from the same problem. His resolution? To yell at everyone around him.


Anonymous said...

I love that you got a picture of the girls. I was so numbed that I forgot to. I love the 4th of July!!!

Kimberly Bluestocking: said...

Archer seems like a fun little guy. Thanks for sharing. :)

Allison said...

Aw... I missed all the fun. I can't believe how much dad and Mike look alike. Very funny pictures.. good job.

Bluebell said...

I love seeing the three girls all together--you can really see the differences at this point in their ages, just in size! The picture of Archer yelling his head off is hilarious.