Friday, June 01, 2007

Goodbye Grenda's *sniff*

Our wonderful neighbors, the Grenda's, moved to San Diego yesterday and we are very sad about it. Our kids are no more than a month apart so it has been nice to have a kindred spirit so close. We know that they are doing what is best for their family and we wish them all the luck in the world. They will be sorely missed. It has been fun watching the boys literally grow up together. I must admit that we are a little jealous that they have more than 2 bedrooms now. Here are the pictures of Archer and Jack making garden stones the day before they left. I wonder if our new neighbors will invite us over to have an egg hunt...

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Anastacia said...

This makes me sad all over again. (The two extra bedrooms make me feel slightly better, although we wish Archer and Della were here to play with us. ;) )

We miss you guys, too--you have been the most terrifc, kindest neighbors and we'll consider ourselves so fortunate if we meet people half as good as you are.