Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Della's Featured Profile

The hospital that took care of Della during her illness earlier this year, has featured her profile in "100 Stories That Make A Mark." Follow this link to the main menu of profiles and she is at the top, #100 (Gwen Stefani is #99). The CHOC representative told us that Della's story will be published nationally in "Time" magazine as well as in "Newsweek" and a few other local publications. Am I shamelessly exploiting my daughter's illness so that people will donate to this hospital? Probably. Do I care? Not really. I plan on participating in the CHOC Walk to help raise money for this wonderful hospital. Thanks again for everyone who supported us during this ordeal, especially those who donated blood in her name.


Anne "the Hook" Calder said...

Let us know when she is going to be in the magazine! I want to get a copy.

Anonymous said...

We have had Tyler there twice for tests. They are wonderful. They do make every effort to help you. I think it's wonderful.