Friday, June 29, 2007

Ahhhhh...Swimming Lessons

Instead of wearing sunglasses, Archer usually resorts to covering one eye when the sun is very bright.

Another frequent appearance of Archer's bum.

Archer has been doing swimming lessons for the past 2 weeks and he has loved it although I must admit, he doesn't have much to show for it. I am not expecting him to swim across the pool or anything but I would like him to at least learn how to get back to the side. He, on the other hand, thinks he is a great swimmer and has even greater faith in his perceived abilities. I have had to stop him several times from jumping into the deep end of the pool with all of his clothes on as we are walking to the shallow area where his lessons are held. His bravery apparently also extends to the ocean where last Friday, he tried to get Aunt Allison to let go of his hand so that he could dive under the waves. She finally banished him the the umbrella area with me which is clearly not as exciting as the water. Ahhhh...little boys.

Friday, June 22, 2007

At The Beach

Getting ready to leave.

I love Jack's peeking face in the left corner.

Then & Now

I have started this off with a picture of Della in her excer-saucer. As you can see, she needs a little help, hence the towel holding her in place. The next is of Archer at the same age and then today.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!

I wanted to dedicate a post to my dad since today is his 50th birthday. My dad has taught me so much about life and how to get through it. Here are some of my favorites.

1. You can be nice to people but most of them are out to take advantage of you.
2."I know what boys are about, I was in high school once."
3. Don't make your mom mad, just eat her meatloaf.
4. Always call when your dad pages you.
5. "Why do you want to move out when you can live here for free?"
6. Don't let go of the swing.
7. Ghoulies and Freddy Cruger aren't real.
8. It's never a bad time for 'Indian Eggs.'
9. Work hard.
10. Love the Lord.

One of my fondest memories of my dad occurred when I was a senior in high school. There was a father/daughter activity planned for mutual however my dad had an important meeting in San Diego that day. I showed up to the activity and to my surprise my dad had driven 2 hours to be at the activity with me. I was so happy to see him and it meant a lot to me that he drove all the way there. We had a really great time and I also found out that my dad is an excellent swing dancer. Then he drove another 2 hours to go back to his meeting. I still think about that day and I feel that it accurately shows what is important to my dad. He works very hard for our family and he always puts us first.

I appreciate all you have done for our family and I love you very much. Happy Birthday!

PS You were right about all of the boys I dated and I knew you were, even though I didn't want to admit it!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Della's Featured Profile

The hospital that took care of Della during her illness earlier this year, has featured her profile in "100 Stories That Make A Mark." Follow this link to the main menu of profiles and she is at the top, #100 (Gwen Stefani is #99). The CHOC representative told us that Della's story will be published nationally in "Time" magazine as well as in "Newsweek" and a few other local publications. Am I shamelessly exploiting my daughter's illness so that people will donate to this hospital? Probably. Do I care? Not really. I plan on participating in the CHOC Walk to help raise money for this wonderful hospital. Thanks again for everyone who supported us during this ordeal, especially those who donated blood in her name.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Goodbye Grenda's *sniff*

Our wonderful neighbors, the Grenda's, moved to San Diego yesterday and we are very sad about it. Our kids are no more than a month apart so it has been nice to have a kindred spirit so close. We know that they are doing what is best for their family and we wish them all the luck in the world. They will be sorely missed. It has been fun watching the boys literally grow up together. I must admit that we are a little jealous that they have more than 2 bedrooms now. Here are the pictures of Archer and Jack making garden stones the day before they left. I wonder if our new neighbors will invite us over to have an egg hunt...