Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Allison and I took the kids to Disneyland and I must confess that although it can be fun, I sometimes look upon Disneyland with a slight sense of dread. A trip there has the potential of being, well, a torture. I can't believe how much fun we had today. There was a thick marine layer that didn't burn off until about 2 PM so the weather was very mild. There weren't a lot of people there and we were able to walk onto the rides with little or no wait. May is the time of year to go. We have already planned to cram a few more trips in before the heat and the crowds come with the summer months. Here are some pictures from today.

Small World

The boys in jail.

Jack's current favorite pose.

Poutey faced Della.

Archer pestering the girls inside the pumpkin.

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Amanda said...

Awww. I like it when Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth. Even if it only happens 5% of the time.