Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Going Home For Realsies

Let me start off by saying I am working off of three non-consecutive hours of sleep right now, so I apologize if this entry isn't coherent. The Dr. gave Della two goals to meet before they release her. She has to be off the oxygen for at least 12 hours and maintain a saturation level of 90% or above and she must eat 3 oz. in 20 min. every 3 hours. They turned off her oxygen this morning at 8 am, so even if she does make it 12 hours, they won't release us at night. So it looks like maybe tomorrow, fingers crossed. I will be so glad to sleep in my own bed and not on a hospital chair/pull out bed that is saturated with spit up and who knows what else. However I can see myself at home hovering over her wondering what her O2 saturation level and heart rate are. Staring at a monitor all day does bring a degree of comfort. I'll post again tonight. As for now, I am going to bed.

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