Saturday, February 24, 2007

Della is no longer getting fluids from her IV's although she still has the catheters in her head and hand. She also takes a few ounces from a bottle, but she has to be suctioned out every hour so that she can breath easily and eat. Hopefully she will be moved out of the ICU tomorrow and then come home a few days after that. Here are some pictures from today. The transport team and the Dr.s and nurses who admitted her on Tuesday came in for their shifts tonight and all of them are amazed at her swift recovery. They make comments like "She's a strong little girl" or "Some just get better faster than others". Even though I agree that she is very strong, I know that her speedy recovery is a result from the prayers that were offered in her behalf. Thank you all. Here are some pictures from today.

The yellow tube is her feeding tube, the clear is the oxygen, and all of the stuff on her head is for the IV. Her face is still very swollen from having the IV fluid start to fill her 'third space' or surrounding tissue. I just couldn't post pictures of her on the vent, it was just too sad. She looks so much better now. Also the thing laying on top of her is called a 'froggie'. It is a large bean bag that lays on top of her and makes her feel almost like she is being held. Della LOVES it. The nurse will come unwrap her to listen to her lungs, suction, change her diaper, etc. and Della will be fussing and unhappy, but as soon as that frog is put back on her, she settles right down and for a real treat sometimes they even put 2 on her. I will also say that Chad has the uncanny ability to capture my neck fat on film.


Amy said...

She is such a sweet little girl! We can't wait for her to come home and keep you up at night like she is supposed to be doing!

Amanda said...

Hooray!!! We've been praying for her, and are very thankful she's on the mend.

Allison said...

Whew! Now you need to ask where you can buy one of those froggy things.