Friday, September 29, 2006

Red Eye Vs. Blue Eye

In the earlier post about Maggie, Anne posed an interesting question in the comment section. She asked why Maggie's eyes were so blue in the picture. I tried to use "red eye" editor on our computer, but since the dog's eyes were reflecting blue, the red eye feature didn't work. Two days later I read an article in a magazine that explained this phenomenon. "Human retinas have no color, so they reflect the color of the blood inside of them [when a flash is used in taking a picture]. Most feline retinas (specifically an area called the tapetum) are green, so the reflections are green." Parade Magazine, 3 September 2006.
In the case of Maggie, her retinas must be blue, thus causing the pictures to turn out the way they did. Just an interesting factoid.


Sanchez Family said...

Milo!!! Is he doing better? Does he love you again?

Caitlin said...

That picture is about 4 years old. No, Milo is still boycotting our house.