Sunday, June 11, 2006

Chad in China

Here are some pictures of a Shaolin temple that Chad visited. Notice how powerful the statues of the Shaolin monks are, they can crush normal people under their feet. Chad said it was slightly disappointing when the current Shaolin monks were selling souvenirs out front. The picture with the depressions in the ground is the courtyard where the monks would practice and after centuries of doing so, the ground became indented. The next picture is one of the trees in the courtyard with holes formed from hundreds of years of the monks practicing their finger jabs.

Chad came across this little boy haphazardly driving a rocket that played "O My Darling Clementine" at an obnoxious volume.

Chad then visited a printer to price some mailers. The printer showed him some samples of what they were able to produce. These samples included portraits of LDS Presidents! Look closely, how many Prophets can you find?

This park was 1 square KM Communist park that was divided into 3 parts. Part memorial, part amusement park, and part beauty.

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The Duke said...

Very nice. It reminds me of Korea.