Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hooray For Preschool!

Archer goes to the cutest preschool and I absolutely love it. His teacher Ms. Katie is the sweetest teacher and has been really attentive to Archer's struggles which any mother can appreciate. Archer's verbal and social skills have just grown leaps and bounds. The school had some chicken and duck eggs hatch recently and when I asked Archer about the chicks he gave me a look that seemed to say "How does my mom know all this stuff when she doesn't even go to my school?" We went to the Art Festival and Open House and took these pictures. Archer gave us a tour of the playground, the science room, his classroom, and their recently planted garden.

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Bluebell said...

Oh no, blog spam! You can avoid most of that if you enable word verification (if you care).

They planted a garden at Owen's preschool, too. He was most excited about the 700 or so ladybugs they released into it.

Archer is so cute!